About Us

Aims and Objectives of Brain Injury Services Ltd

Brain Injury Services Ltd (BIS) aims and objectives are to provide quality and responsive Case Management, to people with complex, clinical or other needs. It aims to facilitate their independence and improve their quality of life by a process devoted to the coordination, rehabilitation, care and support of them.

Services Provided

BIS provides case management services for people with catastrophic and or serious brain injury who are generally Patients of the Court of Protection whose affairs are managed by a Receiver and normally within a maximum two hour drive from the Battle or local office. Services are provided to children, young people and adults.

BIS also provides Immediate Needs Assessments and also have the skills to offer services in support of Personal Health Budgets.

Service Delivery

On receipt of written instructions normally from the client’s solicitor or Receiver, BIS will review any medical and other reports provided by the instructing party and then meet with the client and family in order to undertake a detailed assessment of needs within four weeks.

The assessment report will identify needs and detail the support, services and associated costs required to meet those needs. On approval of the reports recommendations BIS will then begin the process of implementing recommendations within four weeks of the initial visit and on written approval and formal instructions. Typically this will involve on behalf of the client/Receiver:

Recruitment of Rehabilitation support workers, including all the statutory employments checks such as CRB
Identification and retention of a specialist treating team including psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and others as may be required from time to time. Each treating team member initially prepares an assessment report with recommendations which is submitted to the case manager for approval.

From all available information BIS in collaboration with the treating team and client, establish a number of goals to address the client’s needs. BIS then monitor the implementation of goals through the production of a client schedule and through the supervision and on going training of any rehabilitation support workers. Regular contact is maintained with the client and workers through visits and telephone contact and goals are reviewed at regular intervals through interdisciplinary meetings.

Monthly reports are provided to instructing solicitors/Deputy’s.

Key Contract Terms and Conditions

On confirmation of instructions BIS will arrange for its  Case Management Agreement to be signed by the client or client’s representative. Fees are charged under five main headings; Client Contact; Organisation, Travel and Mileage and General Office Administration, which are reviewed in January of each year.

Complaints Procedure

Should a client or their representative have concerns about the service being provided, BIS will wish to ensure that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of the complainant. In order for this to be achieved a detailed complainants procedure is available.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a journey not a destination and BIS is committed to ongoing quality assurance. Quality service is maintained through regular visits of the designated case manager, completion of visit records, maintenance of goal orientated, interdisciplinary working and regular team reviews of goals with the client.

Correspondence and any reports are routinely monitored by the Managing Director through copies of such being screened and by quality assurance visits to the client. An annual quality survey of the client and associated others is undertaken and results published on the company website.

Key Policies and Procedures

Like any other quality organisation BIS operations is supported by policies and procedures which set out the way we operate. These ensure a consistent way in which those who work with our clients go about their work with and for the client.

Hours of Operation

BIS’s main office hours of operation are Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700. Outside these times BIS operates an on call service to respond to emergencies and urgent matters.

Insurance Cover

BIS maintains the following insurance cover:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employers Liability

Each client maintains Personal Employment Protection insurance


There may be times when you may wish to make contact with the statutory services and a list of names and numbers is can be found by following this link.