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Initial Needs Assessments

Kathryn Howard and her team provide Initial Needs Assessments and case management reports which give a thorough, professional and concise view point of the client's current status, environment, therapy intervention needed and assessment of what care or support the client and family require. Our initial needs assessments are always accompanied by a comprehensive budget which reflects the recommendations of the case management team from the report.

Our recommendations clearly define problem areas, solutions, and costs, including Case Management objectives and an estimate of the hours required. This initial report gives us a clear template for the provision of regular written updates which are usually provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. Referrers are made aware of any activity that is likely to be higher than that originally estimated as our case managers have systems for closely monitoring their activity each month.

Initial Need Reports are provided in accordance with the Rehabilitation Code of Practice.

Following the report being received, we work with the client, family and financial deputy to agree the recommendations and the associated budget, agree our terms and conditions of business and consent to service in which to implement the work agreed. From this point the case manager will be acting for the client.

Case Management Reporting

We provide Case Management Monthly or Quarterly reports. This is an essential part of our role to highlight contact and case management input, general updates of the client's health, therapeutic intervention, finances, benefits or budgets and a review of the goal from the previous month/quarter plus anticipated goals for the forthcoming month/quarter ahead.

In some instances the referrer may be made aware of incidents, accidents or important milestones in the clients rehabilitation or ongoing support to ensure that they are up to date at all times.

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