Case Management – Children

Brain Injury Services Ltd offers specific case management to children, young people and families by our specialist paediatric case managers. We offer distinct knowledge and experience to meet the challenges faced by children with brain injuries.

As an organisation we recognise that life changing events, such as a brain injury, not only affects the individual but also has a massive impact for the family as a whole.

We take a holistic approach to supporting children and young adults. The child or young person will always remain our primary focus, however our Case Management also encompasses the child's wider network of support; family relationships, peer group, schooling or education and others who play a significant part in this young person's development and welfare.

Any child or young person coming under our services will have a dedicated case manager and an assistant case manager, experienced in the specialities of paediatric case management and highly skilled in working within the complexities faced by the whole family.

Each child and young person is unique; to reflect this our approach is collaborative with all parties and outcome led ensuring the client's aims are at the heart of any intervention and management. We strive to create a bespoke package of assessment and care, evaluating and adjusting goals to tailor our support plans to the individual's circumstances and needs.

We have a proven record of providing the highest quality, robust, meaningful and successful case management for this unique client group.