Case Management Reporting

We strive to deliver high quality, comprehensive and time sensitive case notes and case management reports. All case managers at Brain Injury Services Ltd are trained and advised on the specific needs of documentation, especially for cases in litigation.

We provide Case Management Monthly or Quarterly reports.

This is an essential part of our role to highlight contact and case management input, general updates of the client's health, therapeutic intervention, finances, benefits or budgets and a review of the goal from the previous month/quarter plus anticipated goals for the forthcoming month/quarter ahead.

In some instances, the referrer may be made aware of incidents, accidents or important milestones in the client’s rehabilitation or ongoing support to ensure that they are up to date at all times.

Brain Injury Services uses Qunote – case management software. Qunote is a flexible case management system designed for specifically and is understanding of the case management reporting needs within the care industry. The system streamlines day-to-day tasks such as the entry and storage of clinical notes, timesheets, expenses and invoicing. Qunote is GDPR compliant.

Support Worker Records

Over the company lifetime we have given our focus to honing support worker records to provide sensitive and accurate reporting to a high standard. We recognise records need to be detailed, concise and accurate, highlighting the support provided, progress/challenges experienced and observed plus risks seen and mitigated. Specific training is provided to teach staff teams these skills.

Julie Fox, Kathryn Howard and Laura Mora continue to review and develop support worker notes and documentation. Our in house support worker records are monitored closely and audited on a regular basis by our case management team.

The Qunote systems:

Record case notes, time spent, mileage and expenses accurately and upload supporting documents. At a touch of a button our case notes can be zip filed and password protected to be sent into the litigation process. This ease of reporting is cost effective and ensures timely provision of detailed case notes.

Each user’s access to the system can be tailored to their needs, ensuring a high degree of data security.

The system stores all of your working time for you, so that accurate invoices can be produced with little effort.

A range of reports covering client activity, billings and payments to provide a complete overview into your organisation’s activities.

Integration with email allows you to send information into and out of Qunote. Store emails directly into your case notes.

Encrypted connection, triple-level entry and daily backup to keep your information safe and secure.