Covid-19 Update

June 2020

Our Covid-19 report from the Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) maintaining contact with providers through existing monitoring arrangements and engagement and support calls to see how regulated entities are managing the impact of Covid-19 through their services.

Brain Injury Services is a CQC regulated entity and has received fantastic feedback from the regulator regarding our approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CQC is not routinely inspecting services during the COVID-19 pandemic but it is speaking to regulated entities sporadically to see how they are coping. We are delighted to report the CQC felt we are successfully managing the impact of Covid-19 and have produced a summary report, which you can find here.

Overall Summary

The CQC’s Overall Summary of Brain Injury Services response to the impact of Covid-19

“From our discussion with you on 11/06/2020 and other information about this location, we assess that you are managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Infection control practice:

“You told us that you and your team had identified and implemented the appropriate procedures to keep people and staff safe. Your service is unique in that your case workers work in teams, with dedicated health professionals and advocates to support people in their own homes. You have ensured that all staff receive training and support in infection control measures. Staff receive updates to guidance as it arrives through email or virtual meetings. There have been no issues with the supply of PPE as you had brought in bulk at the beginning of lockdown.”

Care and treatment for Covid-19:

“Throughout the pandemic you have ensured infection control and safe distancing/isolation guidelines are followed.”

Staff cover:

“Staffing levels have remained consistent, You have a contingency plan, which you update regularly as circumstances change. Recruitment has continued but placed on hold until the client can meet prospective staff in person. Only known agency workers are used.”


“You said that the GPs and the pharmacist were very supportive and lines of communication were good. There had been no problems in receiving advice and support from health professionals involved in peoples’ care. For example, occupational therapists have been able to continue with their support from arranged sightings allowing the person to participate. Staff support people to maintain contact with their loved ones through telephone calls and video contact.”

Management of the service:

“Staff are supported by supervision, on-line training and well-being virtual meetings. Systems to protect, and support people and staff have been reviewed and updated throughout the pandemic. All your clients have specific Covid-19 care plans and risk assessments in place. You were extremely proud of the staff team and how they have all worked together to ensure peoples safety and well-being. Quality assurance systems and processes continue as normal.”

Please note: The CQC Emergency Support Framework calls and other monitoring activity are not inspections.